» » Vietnam's two world-famous destinations grab America’s attention

Vietnam's two world-famous destinations grab America’s attention
On December 22, the image of the Golden Bridge (Sun World Ba Na Hills, Da Nang City) and the Hoang Lien Son mountain range (Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province) suddenly appeared on the big screen in Times Square (USA), grabbing the attention of people there.

This was the first time two famous tourist destinations of Vietnam were promoted at the so-called “Crossroads of the World” or “Center of the Universe”. Many people stopped to watch the full 60-second video clip and were impressed by the poetic and unique images of the two places.
Chris, from New Jersey, said: "Wow, such a strange bridge! I heard about it a few months ago. I also saw it on CNN, BBC ... This is an impressive work and it is great that the bridge was built in Vietnam.”
For Americans, the Golden Bridge is familiar because major news agencies like CNN, BBC, Reuters and Time Magazine have written a lot about the most unique bridge in Vietnam since it officially opened to the public in June in 2018. The stories, videos and photos released by these prestigious news agencies have helped attract many international tourists to the Sun World Ba Na Hills, where the famous bridge is located.
The Golden Bridge has also been named in the annual polls of many world famous news agencies such as: The best travel photos of 2018 by CNN, Top 100 World’s Greatest Places for 2018 by Time Magazine, Top 106 photos of 2018 by AFP, and Top 50 strangest photos of 2018 by Reuters.
The Golden Bridge was described by The New York Times: “In the mountains of central Vietnam, a colossal pair of hands lifts a golden thread of walkway high above the clifftops, as if the mountain itself has sprouted limbs.” 
“I heard people talk about the Golden Bridge on Facebook and Instagram and also in reports from many US news agencies. I think this is one of the destinations you want to come at least once in your life, especially the Golden Bridge," said George from Pennsylvania.

Besides the Golden Bridge, Hoang Lien Son mountain range (Sa Pa) also attracted the attention of New Yorkers with beautiful images like sea clouds floating on Mount Fansipan, which is called “The roof of Indochina” or golden terraced fields amid the jungle. With is wild, rustic and romantic beauty, this Northwestern mountainous area was recently voted by National Geographic - a prestigious US magazine - as one of the 28 most attractive destinations in the world in 2019 and the most interesting destination in Southeast Asia.
One of the must-try experiences when you discover the Hoang Lien Son mountain range is crossing the Muong Hoa valley by the Fansipan cable car system to the peak of Fansipan to admire the magnificent spiritual culture complex there.
In its introduction of Hoang Lien Mountains, National Geographic wrote: “Owing to the new cable car route, a surge in visitors can now gain access to the 3,143m-high Fansipan. These regions of the Northwestern highlands (well off buoyant Sapa Town) are still largely pristine and bucolic, which are in stark contrast to dizzy and hectic Hanoi, although they are just 313km away northeast of the capital.”
Those who watched the clip of Hoang Lien Son mountain range at Times Square were impressed, considering it a destination to visit once in their life. 
Joyce from Maine said: "For those who love mountain climbing or explore the wild, Hoang Lien Son is definitely a certain place to visit. I can't climb the mountain but I would like to admire it from the cable car. I think it would be a great trip!”
With impressive destinations for foreign tourists, the opportunity to welcome more than 18 million international visitors in the coming year of the Vietnam tourism industry will come true very soon.


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