Stunning cherry blossoms season in Sa Pa

Visitors to Sapa these days have been left overwhelmed by the picturesque scenery of cherry trees planted within the green tea hills.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom by December in Sapa, marking the beginning of spring in northern Vietnam. Visitors are welcomed to O Quy Ho Pass to relish the scenic view.
The very first rays of sunlight shines through the tea hills, over the cherry blossoms, creating a breathtaking scenery.
Visitors can only view the endearing site standing by the road or go to O Quy Ho Pass for a more panoramic view of the tea plantation. 
One of the many farmers working on tea hills.
Tea hills in Sa Pa are different from those in Moc Chau and Da Lat as cherry trees are planted among the hills.
Picturesque scenery of tea hills in clouds.
Stunning beauty of tea hills with cherry blossoms at sunset.
Cherry blossoms bloom for only few weeks. Therefore, many visitors flock to the area in December to take beautiful photos with the flowers.
Visitors can enjoy spectacular view of O Quy Ho Pass at sunset.
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