Tien Pagoda – Dam Da

Tien Pagoda (Chùa Tiên) is located in Phu Lao commune, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, about 80 km from Hanoi, 9km from the district center.
Tiên means Fairy in English.

Chua Tien valey

This is a spiritual tourism address, though not as famous as Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda) but this scenic populations are pristine in the middle of a valley with lush hills and mountains, beautiful caves with sparkling stalactites…
You can also climb mountains from Huong Pagoda to Tien Pagoda. Looking ahead when the cable car is completed, you will have an easier choice 

Coming to the complex of cultural and historical relics, wonderful caves, to the spiritual beliefs of Vietnamese people, visitors will learn about the Mother worship custom, through historical sites such as The Đền Mẫu (Temple of Mother), Đền Trình (Presentation Shrine), Chùa Tiên (Tien Pagoda) and caves are named after the saints in the worship of Tu Phu. We also discover caves that still keep traces of ancient Vietnamese like Tien cave and see beautiful natural paintings that nature has bestowed in caves such as Dragon eggs hatched, mother breast, peaches, raspberries, fairy pictures, turtles, elephants….

Chùa Tiên (Tien Pagoda)

Đền Mẫu (Temple of Mother)

Some photos in the cavesPlaces must to see:
– Đền Trình (Presentation Shrine)
– Chùa Tiên (Tien Pagoda)
– Đền Mẫu (Temple of Mother)
– Động Tiên (Tien cave)
– Động Thủy Tiên (Water Fairy cave)
– Động Tam Tòa (Three courts cave)
– Động Cung Tiên (Curve Fairy cave)
… More and more caves.

Restaurants and motels:
Dục Lan, Trung Thủy, Trường Thủy, Lâm Huyền, Xuân Thích, Hải Triều, Nghĩa Huệ, Văn Hiệp, Đăng Oanh… provide both cuisine and accommodation

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