Top amazing places in Nha Trang

Vietnam is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia and the city of Nha Trang is the most beautiful. Although, it is well known for its beaches, there are ample restaurants, theme parks, volcanic mountains, offshore islands etc. that just enrich it even further. It’s rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples, waterfalls and more are what make it a most sought after holiday destination. If you are looking to make your trip a little more exciting, then we have put together the top places to visit in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is well known for its beaches and scuba diving and has developed into a popular destination for international tourists, attracting large numbers of backpackers, as well as more affluent travelers on the south-east Asia circuit; it is already very popular with Vietnamese tourists, with Nha Trang Bay widely considered as among the world’s most beautiful bays.

Top place for visiting in Nha Trang:

Tran Phu Beach (Bãi biển Trần Phú)

Of course, because this is the symbol of Nha Trang!

Tran Phu Beach is easy to walk to from almost anywhere in Nha Trang City, making it the most popular beach in Nha Trang. It hosts the iconic Tran Phu Street, which is a beautiful seaside promenade with plenty of luxury and mid-range beachfront resorts, hostels, souvenir shops, museums, and seafood restaurants.

Nightlife around Tran Phu Beach is also popular – highly recommended bars include The Sailing Club, ZIMA, and Skylight Skydeck & Rooftop Beach Club. Alternatively, there’s a wide array of activities such as surfing, snorkelling, bicycle tours, spa treatments, meditation and yoga in Tran Phu Beach.

Tran Phu beach

Vinpearl Amusement Park

This theme park can be found on an island opposite the Nha Trang beach bay and one can reach here by a cable car that links the city to this island. There are a variety of rides, games, water slides and even a large aquarium to admire the colorful fish. You can either enjoy the roller coaster and carousel or take a walk down the sandy beach and revel in the sunset. There is also a shopping mall that sells jewelry, clothes and handcrafted items and souvenirs.

Vinpearl Amusement Park

Christ the King Cathedral of Nha Trang (Nhà thờ Núi hay Nhà thờ Đá)

This beautiful church is the largest in the city and is one of the best places to see in Nha Trang. It is situated on a hilltop and you can also get a view of the train station from there. This church is made entirely with stone and the windows of tainted glass. It combines the elements of a traditional Christian church and adds a few distinct Vietnamese elements to it. This is a must visit spot because it is one of the rare remains of French construction.

Nha Trang Cathedral church

National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam (Viện Hải dương học Nha Trang)

The visitors can observe the exhibitions as well as the research equipment here. There are two floors – the ground floor has all kinds of tanks with reef sharks, turtles, scorpion fish, puffer fish and more while the upper floor has the preserved specimens like animal bones, boats and artifacts found while fishing. This is one of the places to visit near Nha Trang in Vietnam if you enjoy marine life. The highlight of this place is a humpback whale weighing 18,000 kgs.

Nha Trang Oceanographic Museum

Po Nagar Cham Towers (Tháp Chàm Ponagar hay Tháp Bà)

This culturally rich place is one of the best spots for Nha Trang sightseeing. It is a square red-bricked structure that has tapered roofs. The towers were made in praise of the goddess Po Nagar and she is still worshipped today. Each of the towers honors different Gods and Goddesses. The towers have plenty of greenery within the premises and one can get a great view of the mountains from the top.

Po Nagar Cham Towers

Hon Chong (Hòn Chồng)

Hon Chong (Hòn Chồng) means “Husband island” in English

Hon Chong

Hon Chong

Dam market

Dam Market is considered the center market of Nha Trang city. It is the biggest market, a commercial shopping center as well as the commercial symbol of this coastal city attracting numerous tourists.

Dam Market is the largest market and trading symbol of Nha Trang coastal city. Looking from above, tourists will see the image of the market as a blossoming lotus flower, which retains a unique architecture creating an unforgettable highlight for the hospitable Nha Trang coastal city. Thanks to unique architecture features and long-lasting historical significance, Dam Market becomes one of the must-see tourist attractions in Nha Trang.

Dam market

Dam market

Thap Ba Hot Springs (Suối Khoáng nóng Tháp Bà)

This is one of the best places to visit in Nha Trang to relax after a tiring trip around the city. It has the mountains as its background and a lot of greenery to help you get away from the busy city. They have herbal baths, mud baths, private baths and a waterfall and sauna to rejuvenate you. The natural hot springs are said to be great to reduce aging and soothe muscles while the mud bath is for detoxifying the skin.

Thap Ba Hot Springs

Long Son Pagoda (Chùa Long Sơn)

This temple can be found near the bottom of the Trai Thuy mountain. It is one of the most unique places to go in Nha Trang. It has beautiful Taoist sculptures of mythical creatures and Gods. Mosaic dragons greet you at the doorway. If you head up to the platform of the Buddha you can have a great view of the town and the sea.

Long Son Pagoda

Van Phong Bay  – Diep Son island (Đảo Điệp Sơn)

About 40km to north from the city center, Van Phong Bay owns a beautiful, rustic, peaceful and strange. It is still a blue beach to move people’s heart, but Van Phong does not bring the noise, crowded city of silence, more quiet, more mysterious people waiting to discover.

Diep Son island consists of three small separated islets and is home to 97 households who use the island as their home and base for fishing trips.

Van Phong Bay
Diep Son island

Hon Mun Island (Hòn Mun)

This is one of the most fun places to go out in Nha Trang. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling or spend the day on the boat that takes you around these clear blue waters. Moreover, you can spend your time fishing or taking part in the various activities that the boat has. If you get a day tour, then you will be provided with lunch and other snacks while you get picked up and dropped off from the city of Nha Trang.

Hon Mun Island

Binh Ba Island (Đảo Bình Ba)

Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh Bay about 60 kilometers south of Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, possesses a primitive, poetic beauty and is famous for its lobsters, which are raised in floating cages and served fresh daily.

Binh Ba Island

Hon Khoi Salt Fields (Đồng muối Hòn Khói)

This isn’t your usual ‘touristy’ place but calls for a visit anyway. The production of salt is a flourishing industry in the town because of the coastline. Natural salt is harvested manually from the Doc Let Beach. You can come here to take photographs of the salt mountains and the middle-aged women workers that carry baskets to a pagoda. It is best to visit here from the months of January to June.

Hon Khoi Salt Fields

Bai Dai Beach (Bãi Dài)

Bai Dai (Bãi Dài) mean “Long beach”. Bai Dai beach 18 miles (30 kilometers) away from the center of Nha Trang.

Not as famous as Tran Phu Beach, but Bai Dai is more peaceful with a more local feel. The waves here make it a fantastic location for surfing. Just get a glass of beer and chill on a hammock by the beach.

Bai Dai Beach

Hon Tam (Hòn Tằm)

Hon Tam (Hòn Tằm) means “Silkworm island”

Hon Tam

Ba Ho Waterfalls (Thác Ba Hồ)

“Ba Ho” (Vietnamese: “Ba Hồ”) mean “Three Lakes” in English
This is one of the must-see places to visit in Nha Trang Vietnam since it feels like a peaceful retreat away from the otherwise fast-paced life. There are three beautiful waterfalls that fall into a clear lake that is surrounded by a thick forest. This is a great spot if you want to hike, enjoy a picnic or go fishing. There are stalls along the way that sell snacks and soft drinks to help you along your journey.

Ba Ho Waterfalls
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