Dam Market (Nha Trang)

With beautiful and unique architecture, Dam Market attractes numerous visitors.

It is the biggest market, a commercial shopping center as well as the commercial symbol of Nha Trang coastal city.

Looking from sky, we will see the image of the market as a blossoming lotus flower, which retains a unique architecture creating an unforgettable highlight for the hospitable Nha Trang coastal city.

Dam Market

Back to history, Dam Market was officially built in 1972 on a former swamp. The name of the market (Dam Market) was originated from this significance.

Located right in the downtown, Dam Market is a beautiful architectural works compared to other markets in Nha Trang. The main house of the market consists of two floors, which was built in a circle shape with V-shaped roof. It primarily sells fashion items such as clothing, shoes, handbags, watches… and some household appliances. The middle of the market with a mezzanine specialize to sell souvenirs, handicrafts such as paintings, seashells… which the large number of international tourists would like to set foot on. Discovering Dam Market is one of the things to do in Nha Trang.

The market is built in the lotus shape 66.5m in diameter with an eccentrically donut-shaped floor. The area of the first floor and second floor is up to 5,270 m2, which can simultaneously accommodate more than 3,000 customers on the sale. The building in both 2 floors was spacious. Owning the fairly convenient location for transportation, beautiful lotus-shaped architecture and long-lasting history, Dam Market is always the name which almost travel agencies select as the impressive attraction in journey of discovering Nha Trang travel in order to offer tourists the most pleasant experiences. Tourist will definitely get interesting experiences when participating in these Nha Trang tours.

It not only sells essential goods but also offers souvenirs and local products for tourism. As the trading symbol of the city, Dam Market is a shopping center and popular tourist attractions in Nha Trang. Unique architecture of Dam Market also contributes to promote the beauty of the shopping center in the waters rich in seafood.

As one of the busiest Nha Trang markets, Dam Market is usually a place to look for dried seafood or spring rolls, Nha Trang fried roll as their gifts. Products sold outside the main market is relatively diverse ranging from dried shrimps, soaked squid, and seaweed to dried seahorses, nudibranchs and shark fin. However, when going shopping here, tourists should deliberately check to purchase the most pleasant products. In these days when Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is in the peak season of international tourists, the purchasing atmosphere at Dam Market is really busy. The market welcomes the great number of foreign tourists, especially when international cruise ships dock in Nha Trang. The salesmen at Dam Market get accustomed to welcoming international tourists. They thus play the role of both a business persons and great tour guides introducing the products, characters and unique tourism resources of Nha Trang.

In recent years, Dam Market has been voted into the top 10 shopping destinations satisfying tourists of Nha Trang travel. Under the strict management of management boards as well as the friendly and honest attitude of the locals in Nha Trang, Dam Market is gradually becoming a reliable tourist attraction alluring numerous both domestic and international tourists. It significantly contributes to promote Nha Trang tourism worldwide.

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