» » Early days of winter in Ha Noi: Flowers and Flowers

Early days of winter in Ha Noi: Flowers and Flowers
Basked in the gentle, chilly air and pleasant sunshine, the early days of winter are arguably a good time to explore Hanoi, as its many fields and green spaces bloom with flowers.

Daisy gardens on the bank of the Red River, magnificent purple water lilies along the Yen stream on the way to Huong (Perfume) pagoda in My Duc district, and the sea of bright yellow wild sunflowers at Ba Vi national park in Ba Vi district are among the must-see flower spots in Hanoi during the occasion.

Hanoi in the beginning of winter retains a lot of its graceful and poetic charm. Travelling around Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Thanh Nien, and Dinh Tien Hoang streets, one can see many well-dressed people passionately posing individually or in groups to capture beautiful moments of Hanoi these days.

Flower farms in Nhat Tan ward, and other flower gardens in Tay Ho district on the bank of Red River welcome 500-1,000 visitors every day, who come to admire the beauty and scent of white daisies, which are only in full bloom once a year, as well as thousands of other types of flowers.

The gardens’ owners also add more tourist services and arrange romantic spaces for visitors to check- in. Entrance fees range between VND 50,000- VND 70,000.

Many tourist attractions in Hanoi’s suburban area are also attractive to visitors during this time of the year, including Yen stream in My Duc district and the Ba Vi national park in Ba Vi district.

From September to November, Yen stream that leads to the Huong pagoda in My Duc District is filled with the glorious beauty of pink and purple water lilies.

Water lilies often bloom at dawn and emerge from the water at a height of 10-20cm, so from 6:00 to 9:00 is the best time of the day to enjoy the water lilies in full bloom.

Brilliant yellow carpets of wild sunflowers at Ba Vi national park are also a wise choice for flower lovers. It takes visitors only one hour to drive from the downtown of Hanoi to the park, where sun flowers grow along the mountain sides.

People often flock to the park from October to November when the sunflowers at the park are in full bloom. Many of them decide to go camping overnight at the weekend in order to enjoy to the fullest the fresh air, nature and fun.


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