Who is King of Asean Football Federation

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In the early days of starting the AFC cup, Thai press was furious, because the most talented player of Thai football – Chanathip Songkrasin – was called “Quang Hai of Thailand” by Vietnamese Football fanpage.

A fanpage called Chanathip is “Quang Hai of Thailand”

They said Chanathip won the AFF Cup twice and are playing in Asia’s premier league (J.League).
There’s absolutely no comparison between Chanathip and Quang Hai, compared to Quang Hai is limping.
Yes, Japan football team is very strong but not any J.League players on Japan team.

When Thailand passed group stage, they loudly said: “Thailand is still the king of Asean” and scoffed at Vietnam was lucky to won the “salvage of salvage” (meaning the worst third-placed).

Vietnam defeated Jordan

In fact, Thailand is located on a easy group. They lost to India (amateur team) 1-4, beated Bahrain (commonplace team) and got draw luckily to UAE ( UAE was sure to go ahead). If the UAE must fight to death, Thailand will be eliminated.

Thai press: “Vietnam must know whoi’s king of Asean”

Vietnamese fans: Yes, we want to fight at semi-final to confirm but you got defeated by China.
We are in busy for AFC champion Cup. Now you come back home, beats Laos, Cambodia, Timor Leste. Sure you is best in Asean

Thailand used to be #1 in Asean, but it is part of history. They were annoyed to see Singapores, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines are rising quite strongly.

Thailand used to dominate all previously AFF and Seagames but all changed and are changing.
From 2004 to now (changing home and away competitions), their won AFF Cup only 2 times, equal to Vietnam (2 times) and poor than Singapores (3 times).

In 2018 and 2019, Thailand is slow follower to Vietnam at both Asean and Asian.

U23 Asia: Thailand lost all 3 matches, lost 7 goals, only scored 1 goal. Meanwhile, Vietnam came to the final match and only lost at the 119th minute.

Asiad: Thailand had 2 draws, this is called “salvage of salvage of salvage” and stopped in the second round. Meanwhile, Vietnam entered the semi-final.

AFF Cup: Vietnam was waiting to play final match with Thailand to confirm who is king in Asean but unfortunately Thailand has been defeated by Malaysia in the semi-finals. Vietnam won this tournament!

Vietnam won AFF Cup 2018

AFC Asian Cup: Thailand was stopped in round of 16, while Vietnam defeated Jordan and continuing…

Vietnamese football is now at Asian level, at least in the past few years. Comparison of Thai and Vietnamese football is uneven! Thailand must accept that.

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