Experience to travel Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is an attractive tourist destination in Da Nang. It attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The right time to visit
If you like a lot of fun and excitement, let go from April to August because this is the tourist season to the coastal city.
If you like quiet, visit in the spring (from January to March), or winter (from October to December). In this time is quite empty, the weather is cool so you can see full of beauty of Ba Na Hills.

How to go to Ba Na hills?
Of course, you have to move from your location to Danang first. You can choose plane, train or bus.
OK, Now you are in Da Nang. From Da Ba Nang center to Ba Na Hills is about 30km, you can rent a motorbike, taxi, Grab or Travel bus

Price: Cable car ticket: 700.000VND/adult – 550.000VND/(Kid 1.0m – 1.3m) – 30/24usd
– Renting motorbike: 50,000-100,000VND/day ~ 2.2 – 4.5usd)
– Grab/Taxi: 350.000/400.000VND x 2 (return) ~ 30usd
– Travel Bus (include cable car ticket): 100.000 + 700.000 ~ 34usd
Link Da Nang center –> Ba Na

You can stay in Ba Na Hills for convenient entertainment
The hotels here are comfortable and luxurious with ancient French style. The price about 3,000,000VND/double room ~ 130usd.

You can bring your own food or at the restaurants here.
There are some nice restaurants here. You can select with menu or buffet

– La Lavande restaurant (French foods)
– Brasserie restaurant (Italian foods)
– Morin restaurant (Italian foods)
– Arapang Buffet
– Doumer restaurant



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